Stephen Thomas, MA (Oxon), MSc (Oxon), PhD

Associate Professor and Director of the Centre for Health Policy and Management and National Director of the SPHERE Programme, Trinity College Dublin
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Key areas: health economics, health systems, health policy, health workforce planning


Steve Thomas brings to GBHI a passionate belief in single tier health systems where health care is available to all on the basis of need, not the ability to pay. Without this, tackling brain health at a global level will ultimately prove impossible.“Without a single-tier health system, global brain health will prove impossible.”

Thomas’ research focuses on health finance reform, incentives, and health system performance, as well as human resources motivation and migration. He has a wealth of international experience in policy-oriented research in government and academia in Europe, Africa, and Asia. His research interests include health systems evaluation, health financing and health policy analysis, and workforce planning and motivation. Currently, he is leading research into:

  1. The viability of universal health insurance in the Irish context;
  2. The resilience of the Irish health system in the current economic crisis and compared to other countries in crisis (Portugal, Greece and Spain);
  3. Human resources motivation and international migration; and
  4. Workforce planning for the universalization of care.

Thomas is also a dynamic and popular teacher. He coordinates the Health Economics and the Health Policy and Systems teaching on the HRB PhD Programme in Health Services Research. In addition, he teaches health economics and policy analysis on TCD's Masters in Global Health and Masters in Health Services Management.

Bio: Steve Thomas is the Director of the Centre for Health Policy and Management at Trinity College Dublin. He has more 60 peer-reviewed publications and has developed policies in Ireland including free general practice medical care for under-6s and over-70s. He has worked in international health economics research and government policy for more twenty years with long-term postings in South Africa, Bangladesh, and Uganda.

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