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GBHI Conference, Cuba 2015

Here are some selected links to news articles and events about brain health and the Global Brain Health Institute.

  • Finished, But Not Done
    Christopher G. Oechsli, President and CEO of The Atlantic Philanthropies, describes the ambitious Atlantic Fellows program to train a new generation of leaders to challenge persistent disparities and make improvements in the human condition across communities, countries, and continents.
  • Global Team to Fight Dementia Begins Pioneering Training Programme at Trinity
    The four trainees from Ireland, Spain, and the Netherlands will be the first to graduate as Atlantic Fellows at GBHI in Ireland and will go on to be advocates and leaders in brain health, implementing programs throughout the globe to help prevent or lessen the impact of cognitive impairment. Their work spans key points across the prevention, diagnosis, assessment, and management arc of the dementia spectrum.
  • Atlantic Fellows: Advancing Fairer, Healthier, More Inclusive Societies
    The Atlantic Philanthropies announces the the Atlantic Fellows program to empower and connect dynamic individuals who are committed to working together across disciplines and borders to advance fairer, healthier, and more inclusive societies.
  • Report on the First Annual Conference held in Cuba 2015
    This conference brought the Global Brain Health Institute to life, uniting cross-disciplinary leaders from North and South America, Europe, and the Mediterranean to talk about international brain health around the world.
  • Atlantic Philanthropies Gives €138m to Tackle Dementia
    The landmark award, which is the largest single programme grant Atlantic Philanthropies has ever made, is the biggest philanthropic donation in Irish history and the largest ever received by Trinity College Dublin.
  • Atlantic Philanthropies Gives $177M to Establish Global Brain Health Institute to Fight Dementia
    The Atlantic Philanthropies is awarding UC San Francisco and Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin, $177 million to create the Global Brain Health Institute, a groundbreaking venture to stem the precipitous rise in dementia by training and connecting a new generation of leaders worldwide.

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