Anne-Marie Glynn, PhD, BSc

Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Global Brain Health Institute
Professional Profile
Key areas: operations, engagement, fostering networks


Anne-Marie Glynn is the Deputy Chief Operating Officer at GBHI. Based at Trinity College Dublin, her role is to ensure GBHI fulfills its mission to enhance brain health and reduce the scale of dementia worldwide. “Facilitating and supporting new global leaders in their pursuit effectively reduces the scale and impact of dementia worldwide.”Before joining GBHI, Glynn worked at EMBO – excellence in life sciences holding concurrent roles as Head of EMBO Global Activities; Deputy Head of Administration and Finance; and Programme Manager of EMBO Courses and Workshops. Glynn was Director of the Gesellschaft zur F√∂rderung der Lebenswissenschaften Heidelberg GmbH. In these roles Glynn was responsible for the largest program of life science meetings in Europe, facilitating the exchange of scientific knowledge and promoting leadership skills for researchers. She also negotiated agreements with international governments, facilitating exchange among life scientists worldwide.


Bio: Anne-Marie Glynn was awarded her PhD degree in molecular biology jointly by the European Molecular Biology Laboratory and the University of Dundee, and she received her BSc degree in biotechnology from the National University of Ireland, Galway.

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